4 Tips When Renovating A Townhouse Kitchen

4 Tips When Renovating A Townhouse Kitchen

The kitchen is a focal point of the home. As a warm space where family members eat and gather, a glorious kitchen can increase the value of your townhouse and help generate interest when it’s time to sell. But while most people are good when it comes to design rules (i.e. what wood goes with what stone), there are some actual rules you need to know that take the shape of building codes and bylaws.

Does the building construction impose any restrictions you should be aware of? For example, do you need to install a specific kind of stove hood to ensure proper ventilation? During a renovation, understanding building codes and rules are very important if you want to avoid unintentional violations that can leave you with a serious (and costly) headache.

Kitchen renovations tend to be costly, but there are a lot of small ways to improve the appearance of the room. Installing new knobs and pulls is a quick and easy way to refresh a dated kitchen. Remember, the ultimate goal is to maintain the functionality of the room while creating a look that’s visually balanced and appealing.

In a space like a kitchen, the function defines fashion. Selecting materials for the kitchen isn’t just about trends and pretty colors. This is a functional space, and it’s important to find solutions that work.

Most townhouses come with an appliance package—the fridge, stove, and dishwasher usually come from the same manufacturer. The reason for this is simple. Different brands have subtly different finishes, which becomes much more apparent once they’re in close proximity.

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