During COVID-19, Real Estate Agents Need to Utilize Technology

During COVID-19, Real Estate Agents Need to Utilize Technology

For so many changes occurring in our everyday lives, it seems that everyone must adjust and adapt. Real estate agents do not only cope with the changes in their own lives, but also with the changes in the lives of their families and clients.

Real estate agents, as a necessary industry, must find ways to adjust to the changing world that is now online-based selling. Real estate professionals who use technology as their primary tool will need to rely on a variety of tech resources to adapt and succeed during these times.

Agents of Technology Can Use of Adapt

There are plenty of tech solutions available today for agents to use to help their companies adapt. Here are three techniques that agents can use:

Social Networking - One of the most effective ways to "keep the conversation going" and establish relationships with potential clients is through social media. This is a fantastic way to generate leads, stay in touch with past customers, and demonstrate your real estate expertise and reputation.

Virtual Reality - VR is a perfect way to show off your listings to potential clients who are hesitant to go outside. A virtual reality walkthrough tour is similar to a video walkthrough of a home, but VR gives you a first-person perspective as if you were there, walking down the hallway to the kitchen and watching the natural light fill the room.

CRM tool - Finding a CRM tool designed specifically for real estate can be a key step in keeping on top of your prospects, customers, and networking contacts. You'll need a tool that can do more than just schedule follow-up calls, congratulatory notes, and client anniversaries in today's world. Look for a CRM that includes features such as marketing templates, email promotions, and social media integration.

How Should Agents Adapt On the Job?

As brokerages decide to follow the guidelines for quarantining and social distancing, more agents are operating from home. If customers do want to come to an open house, they must wear booties, masks, and gloves, and they must not touch anything. Buyers, as well as sellers and their agents, must take additional precautions.

We're working to become more mobile” Jag Sidhu . “We are currently assisting several customers, as we have in the past, but now more than ever before. If our customers are concerned or have compromised immune systems, we literally go on a virtual tour of the house for them. We're also able to go out and take precautions, and we'll record it on video.”

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